Hello Beautiful People!

*cue Chris Brown*

That’s right, you are ALL beautiful. Every single one of you – yes, even you there, you are beautiful and I can see that warm, golden smile starting to sparkle from behind your eyes 😉

Anyone else feel like they’ve lost their sparkle at times?
Yep, me too.

Modern day society gives us the false perception of ‘perfection’. And yes, I put that awful word in quotation marks because what even is ‘perfection’??

I’m just as guilty as the next person for looking in the mirror and picking out everything that I think is wrong with me, or scrolling through Instagram’s fitness pages wondering

why do I not look like that?”

Well my comrades, it really doesn’t have to be that way. It’s taken me 26 years on this Earth to FINALLY accept my image, body and overall human form – and now it is your turn!

But first, I will actually introduce myself and give you an insight to my background. Check out my next post for My Story

Stay Beautiful! <3


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