Try This REVERSE Make-Up Challenge! ● 2017

There was once a simpler time where I could hop on to YouTube and find myself a simple smokey-eye tutorial that wouldn’t send me into a black-holed abyss of videos…

All I needed was help with my eyelid shape and the best way to make my eyes ‘pop’

And now its 3 hours later and I have a pending shopping basket on Mac’s website for £341..

I can’t get my head around the fact that we are swimming in a sea of THOUSANDS of Make-Up related videos on YouTube – and they all serve the SAME PURPOSE

And that’s when my latest epiphany came to light..

NOBODY creates videos of taking Make-Up OFF

These ‘transformation’ images brainwash us with the idea that the end product is ‘better’ than the before

What happened to embracing our natural faces?!

I’m not denying the fact that Make-Up to some is an art form. For many it’s a way of expressing creativity, skill and the becoming of a different person


This revolution now coming to a point where we are letting our beauty from the outside DEFINE US

**Newsflash People** REAL Beauty is not about your exterior.

It is Not about your contouring skills, blending brushes, lip plumping or eyebrow filling.

Take this Challenge

For ONE DAY this week

Do something you would normally do with make-up on – but flip it and reverse it..
Get the Make-UP OFF

This could be going to work, heading to the shops, the gym or the school run

Whatever it is – take this time to realise your TRUE BEAUTY
And trust me, this liberating feeling will fully assist you on your journey to Self Acceptance

Watch my Full Reverse Make-Up Video Below

Stay Beautiful <3

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