The Body Shaming Photo Series ● 2017

If I had a penny for every time I had been body shamed…

Ok, I wouldn’t actually be that rich

What if I said every time I received a penny it got pressed into my skin until a perfectly formed scar was etched forever?

Not so innocent now, hey?

It’s not even about the quantity.
You can be body-shamed three times or three hundred

The principle is fundamentally the same
A tiny piece of your soul starts to crack and crumble away, leaving you hanging at the top of a downward spiral towards a black hole of self-doubt, insecurity and destruction

But once you have climbed that steep barrier of self-judgement and appeared renewed on the other side, the next wave of body shame hits you like a tsunami. Impossible to avoid and way bigger than you expected.

It’s like your constantly in this huge hedge maze, searching intently for the centre of self-acceptance, but every time you are running into a dead-end of disapproval, you turn around and end up further away than you started. And even though you may mentally hoist yourself up and bat the criticism over your head, those dead ends just keep knocking them back again..
..and again..

..and again..

..and again..

I’ve been body shamed enough times to make an impact on my mental health and the way I saw myself. I let it affect me for SO LONG and I am nowhere near the only one out there.


Instead of writing a 1400+ word essay about my experiences and general whingeing of the situation
Here is my official

Body Shaming Series

I had this idea a while back and I thought to myself;
‘Why not put my journey to self-acceptance into a VISUAL series and give a real big, fat, juicy ‘F*** YOU’ to the people who have body shamed me throughout life?’

Beside each photo is a quote – an EXACT quote that i received at some point during my professional career
And this is my way of ‘giving back’ if you like
My Comeback

My ‘F*** You’ Series







1. ‘I Can’t Believe I Had To Buy A New Bra Because You Didn’t Fit In The Current One’

2. ‘I Should Really Be Seeing Your 6pac Coming Through By Now’

3. ‘I’m Afraid Your Hips Are Too Wide For Our Costumes’

4. ‘You Carry A-Lot of Weight In Your Thighs..’

To me, these are now just words
Particles of dust drifting away into the wind
Letting your past thoughts and demons erode away is just the starting point to your path of Self Acceptance 

For Your 5 Steps to Self-Acceptance;


Stay Beautiful   <3



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