Getting ‘Bikini Body Ready’ – No BS ● 2017

‘How to Get a Bikini Body FAST!


‘Get a Summer Bikini Body’

‘Bikini Body Ready Workout Videos’

‘4-Week Bikini Body Slim Down

These titles are just a mere FEW of the HUNDREDS of YouTube videos claiming to get YOU ‘Bikini Body Ready’

And the worst thing about this? They are all the same

Every single video will contain either a planned workout to ‘sculpt, build or define’ certain parts of your body, or a nutritional plan. Telling you what you should and shouldn’t be eating in order to gain that body you ‘require’ to wear a bikini


Every Single Body is Bikini Body Ready

All these videos, PDF’s, plans and fitness empires are feeding you self-doubt and image issues by telling you that you must IMPROVE yourself.

Just by looking at the YouTube video thumbnails, not one person is above a UK Size 10. Making us ‘poor souls’ above or below the size feel like we are not good enough.

So whether you are small, tall, slender or curvy – the answer is simple

Put on that gorgeous bikini and rock the skin you are in!

In light of this, I decided to make my own video


Stay Beautiful   <3


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