Why I DON’T Weigh Myself: The B.M.I Edition ● 2017


We all have it, yet for some reason most of us want to change it

Whether it be a beastly bulk, a conditioned cut or some fundamental fat loss.
But what I can’t work out is;

Why Do We Let It Get The Better Of Us?!

Is that demon number staring back up at you really the ‘be all and end all’?

Do them digits measure your fitness levels or health?

Does the numeric nemesis define you as a person??

The Simple Answer is 




Some of you lovely lot out there get completely clouded by your own personal judgement and deem yourself not good enough because of Gabriel Mouton’s metric system

Sure, weight loss can help people with their general health and wellbeing and that’s absolutely fine. BUT there is a definite fine line between this and using the scales as a measurement for happiness.

It sounds really stupid, but it’s true!

Trying to find happiness and a life meaning from a couple of digits is NOT going to aid your mental health in any positive way at alland do you know why?

Because there will never be an end..there will never be satisfaction.

We are an indulgent generation – when you think you’ve finally reached the top, there is always going to be more – and the worst thing is we are ALWAYS going to want it.

It’s the same with weight. You may see that scale go up or down but at the back of your mind you will always think; ‘just a few more pounds’.

I was one of those people – OBSESSED with weighing myself.



Cue another one of my stories! (again)

Watch This Video

And see exactly WHY I don’t weigh myself anymore


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