What Even Is a Dress Size?! The Summer Edition ● 2017

I get my boobs out in this one…


Ok so now I’ve got your attention, I should tell you that I don’t get them ‘out-out’, but I do ‘model’ a selection of varied crop-tops from different stores at different sizes.

No, I don’t show the changing in-between either..

So what’s this all about??

As summer season crept up on us Brits quite unexpectedly this year, I bought a bundle of crop tops ready for that scorcher of a 25 degree day (lol) and also for my upcoming holiday

The sizes vary from a Size 12 to a Size 16 (8 to 12 US Size)

Yes I’m top heavy, but I need the extra material guys the struggle is real

***Spoiler Alert***

I could have lost my mind over not fitting in a Size 16 crop top (not even kidding) and 2 years ago I probably would have


You know what guys?

Numbers Do Not Define You!!

How dare a couple of digits cause you to question yourself, doubt yourself or even hate yourself.
It’s crazy how society has led us to believe that this ACTUALLY MATTERS

So next time you’re in a dressing room having a breakdown trying to get some jeans over your butt, or stressing about the gaping hole in your button-up shirt;
just remember the time you watched this video and realised how RIDICULOUS dress sizes actually are!

Some of these are NOT what you’d expect!!

So before I turn this into a 1200+ word essay again, have a watch of the video below – it might just surprise you!

Stay Beautiful  <3


7 thoughts on “What Even Is a Dress Size?! The Summer Edition ● 2017

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  1. dang girl! don’t care what the numbers say! you look damn straight beautiful on those tops! find your comfort and it’s good to know you know your own body. body needs extra material?! go find yourself one. love your attitude here. you go girl! omg love the coral top and the shimmery one with an eye 😉

    Courtney Bentley ||

  2. I love love love this. Over the last 8 years I have gained about 50 lbs, not sure if that is because I have been married 8 years…..I recently bought a pair of shorts and ended up having to go up TWO sizes than what I should have. A couple years ago I probably would have been very depressed about it, but this time around I didn’t let it affect me.

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