Can You Spot an Eating Disorder? ● 2017

‘Eating Disorder’

We all have our own interpretations and opinions of the world and the definitions within it.
It’s the beauty of free will. But to give an opinion or have an idea of something you may not be fully educated in, is where the freedom of speech can give a false impact.

When it comes to eating disorders, most think they have it all figured out. But given the opportunity, would YOU be able to spot one – even if it was served to you on a silver saucer?

The mainstream world we live in nowadays makes us completely oblivious to the most obvious surroundings. We are so wrapped up in our own lives, we forget to look past our tunnel of focus, as if blinkers are attached to our temples.

For example, around the release of the DC Movie ‘Batman V Superman’ – Henry Cavill decided to walk amongst the hustle and bustle of Times Square – sporting a Superman t-shirt and wandering below the giant movie poster surrounding several skyscrapers. Nobody noticed him or recognised him – out of EVERYONE in Times Square. While I could never understand how anyone could miss the beautiful specimen that is Henry, it does make me wonder about the grander scheme of things and how this is only a foundation of our faults as 21st Century humans.

P.s. Henry if you’re reading this – I’d never miss you 😉


So let’s take it back to Eating Disorders. Would you be able to determine whether a friend or family member had one? Would you be able to confront them? How would you be absolutely sure and would you be in danger of hurting their feelings if brought up?

Below are 2 scenarios. Which one do you think comes under the umbrella as a definition of an eating disorder?

Scenario 1

Subject A has been scouring the internet for days:
‘Tips for weight loss’
‘Weight loss supplements’
‘How to speed up fat loss’
Thousands upon thousands of results appear, and their clever use of advertising and Google positioning entices them further, making them want to hand over their hard-earned cash like Candy on Halloween.

‘Colon Cleanse Pills’
‘Lose fat 3 x as fast’
’14 stone in a day!’
(sorry couldn’t resist that one. Credits to Peter Kay!)

£24.99 later and a whole load of wasted hours, the sparkling new supplements are ordered from a totally (not) legit, unbranded, overseas eBay seller. Because eBay is the obvious place to go for nutrition needs, right??
Instructions: Take 1 pill a day from the Green Bottle for 2 weeks, then repeat the next 2 weeks with the Purple Bottle
Simple. Subject A feels like they should be Alice in Wonderland with her ‘Eat Me’ cookies, except in reality they are definitely the Mad Hatter.


3 weeks into her Colon Cleanse and it’s getting intense. There’s a certain point in each day where the carnage happens, literally timed down to the minute. Subject A will be going about their day, probably in a class at this point, learning a routine, sitting in the splits or putting on their perfectly pink ballet tights.

Swear to God, these pills KNOW to attack in the most awkward scenarios

Suddenly, the pain hits them. You know when thugs grab an opponent by the throat in the movies? It literally feels like that, but on your large intestine. This ferocious ‘squeeze’ sends everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) shooting South, and you literally have around 23 seconds to hit a toilet before you have the most extraordinarily embarrassing moment of your existence.


I think you get the picture…
These pills were basically laxatives disguised as a ‘Colon Cleanse’ and weight loss supplement.
Not just your standard laxatives – these babies were strong!
Where on earth are the medicine and advertising guidelines in this country??

Subject A continued to take these pills. Why? Because they were seeing results. They wanted to speed up the weight-loss process. Even if that mean losing their water weight, any form of food that passed through the system, and their dignity.

Scenario 2

Subject B had a bit of a problem eating too much in front of their peers. They knew they were the biggest in the room and every time food passed their lips, they felt an overwhelming cloud of judgement hanging gloomily over their head, worrying the heavens would open if they took another bite.

So reducing their daily intake would be the only solution. Subject B ate like a sparrow all day long, making sure nobody saw them eat anything that could be deemed as ‘fattening’. The paranoia was so real, that they thought they could actually hear people’s thoughts;
‘You really shouldn’t be eating that’
‘No wonder you’re the biggest person here’
‘You’ll never lose weight with your current diet’

When it came to the evening, Subject B was so famished, run-down and downright cranky – because they hadn’t nourished themselves during the day. So they drag her miserable fat-ass to their friend’s flat who has the ingenious idea of heading to Sainsbury’s while they’re both starving….

First lesson of food shopping? Never shop hungry!

Well that was it. 20 minutes later, the basket was full of multiple bags of Doritos (and of course dip), chocolate, cake, pizza, you name it.
They got back and devoured the whole lot like scavengers. You’d think they had never eaten before! But these guys are besties, they would never judge each other on their eating habits, they’re just hungry!

20 minutes later, stuffed to the brim like a Christmas Turkey, a wave of guilt hits the friends like a Tsunami, crashing through their brains and washing away the 20 minutes of happiness they felt whilst eating.

Solution? Friend just picked up some tea from Holland & Barrett a few days ago – named Slimatee.
If anyone doesn’t know of this product, it’s another laxative disguised as a tea-bag. Like that BooTea bullsh*t, but stronger.

They double up the dosage, just in case it doesn’t take effect until the morning.
And just like clockwork, the next morning their bowels would empty of all sins from the night before, plus a little extra, ready for a brand spanking new day.

Oh, and this was one of MANY nights of repeating the same scenario

So which one?

The Answer is BOTH
And BOTH of these scenarios were my own personal experiences and habits.

A lot of us see the obvious types of eating disorder – such an Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia. However did you know that Bulimia actually has a number of sub-categories too?
– Vomiting after a meal
– Use of laxatives & diuretics
– Excessive exercise

Did you also know that Binge Eating is it’s own form of Eating Disorder?

Facts and definitions aside, the point of this post is to ensure you guys out there are able to spot Eating Disorders. If you can determine a friend or family member’s eating or supplement habits early enough, you could essentially save them from any potential mental health issues, short or long-term internal complications, or even save their lives one day.

I wish I’d have had someone in my life back then to guide me on my own ‘nutritional’ decisions. The fact all these so-called ‘supplements’ were and still are SO EASY to pick up, makes me insanely worried for the upcoming generations.

But one of the HUGE problems?? Celebrities advertise this rubbish on their Social Media!
The fame-hungry reality stars will do ANYTHING for a quick buck and some ‘Insta Likes’. They get sent a script, a product and a discount code. Then, if they make any sales from said post, they gain the commission.
The amount of posts I’ve seen recently on ‘skinny teas’ and now ‘skinny coffee’?!

What’s next? Skinny Water??….oh, wait…

Are we all really THAT oblivious to it all?? Do you really think Kim K would drink some crappy tea that costs £14.99 for a month’s worth?? Wake up people, seriously!



You can easily research Eating Disorders yourself, Google can give you everything you need to know. HOWEVER the next time you’re looking to lose ‘a stone in a week’ (which is stupid, unrealistic and unhealthy) DO NOT turn to Google. You’ll be transported down a kaleidoscope of pretty transformations and reasonable prices and hypnotised until you SPEND SPEND SPEND!!
These companies don’t CARE if you actually lose weight, or whether its put back on. They don’t care about your emergency loo-rushes or the fact you eat junk outside the supplements. They only care that you BUY



The awareness of Eating Disorders is increasing every single day and we are more aware of it now than ever. Yet, somehow in some industries, they are still partly sheltered and just because it’s not entirely obvious, does not mean that it isn’t there.
i.e. Henry Cavill in a Superman t-shirt in Times Square…

It could be happening to your best friend or your sister. Your partner or your nephew. Understand and share the awareness and don’t let anyone go through it all alone

Stay Beautiful <3


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