How To Live By The 3 H’s ● 2017

I did promise you a post with a lighter feel, and here it finally is..

Having a quick 10 minute meditation beforehand definitely helped too. It’s great how much your mind can be uplifted and uncluttered with a bit of space and solitude.

If you’ve been following my previous posts, or been listening to me in person babble on about my personal experiences in regards to fad-dieting, the aesthetic world or pursuing perfection; you’ll know that I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs throughout the last few years

I’ve been on top of the world and I have been miserable. I have made friends for life and I have driven people away. I have been stuck in abusive relationships and I have flown free as a bird.

I have looked in the mirror as a size 8 and called myself ‘fat’. I now look in the mirror as a size 12, check out my butt gains and smile back at myself standing tall and proud (literally..)

Now I’m only human after all, let’s face it. Life isn’t always fine and dandy, it’s not all raindrops, smiles, rainbows and butterflies.
The human brain is a wonderful yet weird place, it can open up and show you the most beautiful rendition of yourself and yet the next day a darkness erupts in your sub-conscious and suddenly you seem disappointed and ashamed to even look at yourself

So that’s where my teeny, tiny trick comes in.
Whenever I think it’s a clever idea to go back on a ‘diet’, pop a couple of laxative pills (thats yet another story) or consider a decision that can affect me physically and/or mentally;

I go through my own easy-peasy checklist to decipher my decision and it’s called

The 3 H’s

(there goes the alliteration again..)

1. Health

Looking back at my track record of weight loss, diets and bodily abuse, I NEVER even considered my health 99.9% of the time. I would fill my body with pills, detox teas and questionable liquids like I was some human dustbin. I would never question it either, as if I truly believed that everything I swallowed was some magic medicine, that would transform my body into something beautiful, with all the firework drama of the ‘growing up stage’ on The Sims.

So BEFORE you decide to place that brand new fad/plan/ritual or even nothing at all to your lips, take a brief second to think about how your HEALTH IS AFFECTED

While this pill-sized solution may be a quick-fix and ‘solve all your problems’ in a mere few days, is your aesthetic goal REALLY worth jeopardising your health over??

Most people are out to lose fat, right? The only person I’ve ever heard of that wanted to lose muscle was myself….off my calves in particular.

(But again, thats ANOTHER story. Yes I know I was ridiculous)

The amount of times you must have heard;
‘If you lose weight too quickly, you’ll just put it all back on once you start eating normal again’

People love a good quote, they pass on it like Chinese Whispers if it sounds cool. But does anyone know what that ACTUALLY means??

“The liver is the main organ that metabolises fats. But it has limits. When the body senses a situation resembling starvation, it rapidly sends mobilisation fats to the liver. Most of the time, this is beyond what the liver can handle. If this condition persists, fatty infiltration of the liver (clinically known as fatty liver) can develop. This has serious implications in the body’s ability to digest, convert food to energy, and detoxify.”

So therefore, once you start eating ‘normally’ again after your ‘oh-so-clever’ crash diet that the nice lady on the TV told you to do, your body is now less able to digest and convert fats effectively.

So ask yourself. IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?!
This is alongside side effects like malnutrition, hormone imbalance, fatigue, dehydration, metabolism damage and other possible complications.

PUT DOWN your carb-blockers
POUR AWAY that cup of Skinny Coffee
TEAR UP that plan of the 3-Day Military Diet

Just eat a balanced and nutritious diet. I’m telling you it’s THAT easy
Alongside that, you just need a pinch of patience..

2. Happiness

We are all so generally worried about what we look like, we forget and completely disregard our mental health. We treat ourselves like machinery, cogs on the wheel of the corporate world. Earning, living, sleeping, loving, yet 1 in 4 of us are clinically depressed in the UK alone.

Because we frequently forget to focus on the ONE THING that should be our top priority in life.
And it’s our own happiness!
If you’ve read any of my last posts, in particular The Pursuit of Perfection, I explain that we completely bypass the idea of gratitude and self happiness because we are striving for so much in life that most of the time we never achieve!

So if you’ve got the entire 10 day ‘Master Cleanse’ drawn up infront of you, and you’re thinking;
‘Right, I have everything ready to start tomorrow, I’m GOING to stick to it this time and complete the entire thing…’

Think to yourself;

Is this 10-day torture plan ACTUALLY going to aid my mental health in any way??
Am I going to be waking up to my alarm instantly at the crack of dawn with a huge veneer smile and a sudden bright complexion, whistling a happy tune whilst I down my lemon juice and cayenne pepper then skip down the street to work? Maybe throw a kart wheel in there somewhere because you know, why the hell not?? I’m detoxing, I feel so CLEANSED


Master Cleanse Day 3. You’ve already snoozed your alarm 3 times, the circles under your eyes may as well have been punched in, the taste of lemon makes you curse under your breath, and you trundle out the house to the car, forgetting to let the cat out for the day and falling asleep during your afternoon presentation.


Sure you’ll probably have lost some poundage in the process, but hows your mind getting on?
I’m going to guess not so well. Again all that hormone imbalance from malnutrition etc is going to be playing havoc on your brain function. Try and tune in to your happiness now…

The sooner you accept that ‘looking a certain way’ or pursuing an idea of perfection is NOT the ‘be all and end all’ and you focus on the IMPORTANT things in life – the happiness will easily come. I promise

3. Helping Yourself

Nows the time to be a little bit selfish. It took me a loooooong time to do this. I was in relationships from the age of 17 up until only last year, so was always used to the idea of compromise and taking another person into consideration.
Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s an absolute dream with the right person, but until now I’ve never been able to focus on what I really wanted or how things can benefit me.

So what do I mean by ‘Helping Yourself’?

Be careful with this one. It can be interpreted in the wrong way, then end up working the opposite direction
So I used to think if a potential employer asked me to audition again after I’d lost some weight, I would get the job…
Enter crazy-fad-dieting.

I used to think if I tried to look like the other girls in my cast I would get my contract renewed
Enter….or actually Exit food altogether.

The point is here, please don’t believe changing the way you look will help you. True it may have helped me get more work, but my mental health suffered. You have to take it ALL into consideration.

Think to yourself;
Is this decision going to HELP me achieve OPTIMUM HEALTH??

It’s like planting a new patch of flowers in your garden. You need the right soil, you need the nourishment, the hydration, carbon dioxide and sunlight.

Think of yourself as the little baby shrub (or Baby Groot for the Guardians fans, aw!) The soil is your home environment, the place you feel settled, your own headspace. The nourishment and hydration is pretty clear, then the sunlight and C02 both play as your mindset. Because you can’t see what you’re taking in, but in the bigger picture it is just as effective as the physical stuff.

So let’s re-phrase the above:

I used to think if I tried to look like the other girls in my cast I would get my contract renewed

‘I will work on myself in a steady and healthy way so my health is not harmed, and if I don’t get offered another contract then that is unfortunately not the path for me personally and there is something else for me out there

I’m not going to help myself any further by starving myself, by popping another diet pill I found on Ebay or going back to Sainsbury’s in search of Slim Fast

So thats it. The 3 H’s. So simple and yet so effective when used in the right way.
So I hope whenever you are having a troublesome day, you can turn to this quick and simple method and see the results for yourself
Everyone has their bad days. Bad decisions, bad thoughts, bad actions. Don’t beat yourself up about them, take each day as it comes and love yourself for who you are RIGHT NOW

Stay Beautiful    <3


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