The Sugar Coating of Eating Disorders – (oh, the irony!) ● 2017


While I already had my next post planned this week, my attention was turned to something completely surprising that I KNEW I had to cover

It was Thursday 18th May, the day I was taking the journey ‘up North’ to Sheffield to surprise my old ship roommate on her birthday (cute, right?)
Myself and two other friends were in the car, cruising up the M11, with Radio 2 blossoming from the speakers. Funnily enough, I was actually typing out some blog ideas, when I heard Mr Jeremy Vine speak the words;

“Would you swallow a pill that inflated in your stomach in order to lose weight?”


“A balloon that can be swallowed and then filled with water while in the stomach can help obese people to lose large amounts of weight without invasive surgery, a new study has shown”

And according to sources, this is ACTUALLY BEING CONSIDERED by the NHS?!

Read More Here…

Are we SO uneducated about nutrition and our own bodies that we have to go to drastic lengths to combat obesity??

Or is the media THAT GOOD at effectively cooking up these so-called ‘revolutionary ideas’ and sugar coating the fact they are forcing an eating disorder on the nation?

Are people that DESPERATE to lose weight that they are willing to indulge on a pill that balloons with water, nestles up a home in their stomach for 4 months until the day it bursts and passes through to the toilet bowl??

This balloon is filled with 550ml of liquid (around a pint) and then left there, while your stomach digests food around it, making you feel full quicker and therefore, miraculously, EAT LESS; YAY!

The world has gone MAD. We are way too proud to combat our gluttony head-on and instead source the quick-fixes in which our world is built upon.

Of Course You Will Lose Weight!!!!

Aside from the fact that us Brits are considered the fat man’ of Europe, weight loss surgery surely cannot be the solution to the problem.
If you take the time to look down the kaleidoscope of this industry, let your eyes settle for a second, look past all the pretty lights that send us down a tunnel of hypnotherapy and STOP just nodding your head and agreeing like the Churchill Dog, you might actually be able to see the REAL PROBLEM

You are placed into an extreme calorie deficit, basically starving yourself….but not…..because you have a water balloon in your stomach…


Right. Google ‘eating disorder’

“any of a range of psychological disorders characterised by abnormal or disturbed eating habits”

Does this not ring any bells??
You are TRICKING your body into thinking its full!
Weight loss surgery is a form of a forced eating disorder!

Its PSYCHOLOGICALwithout your bloody permission!!

The whole idea of this instantly brings back floods of damn awful nostalgia from my own abusive days.

My Slim Fast addiction hadn’t worked out so well, it was coming up to the show of my 2nd year and I was ALSO taking extra classes leading up to taking my exam for becoming a qualified Ballet teacher.
I was also in a lot more numbers this year – so more rehearsals.
I was also given a few costumes which showed off my midriff – so more body pressure

I decided to do the obviously sensible thing – Cut Out Carbs!

I literally want to go back in time and slap some sense into my 20 year old self…

This was my daily intake:
Breakfast: Protein Shake
Lunch: 2 apples and a handful of Monkey Nuts
Dinner: Either a salad I’d pick up from Sainsbury’s or an omelette

Oop, almost forgot something

or Pepsi Max – you know if I was feeling particularly wild..

In order to stop feeling hungry or to inject myself with a quick caffeine hit before class, I would down a bottle of Diet Coke
Why? The mixture of gases and caffeine would instantly ‘fill’ your stomach and trick your mind into thinking you didn’t need to eat. It wouldn’t exactly make you feel full, but my goodness it stopped me from shoving any more calories into my pie hole – god forbid!!
And at a whopping 0 Kcal per bottle, with 0g of sugar, fats, or carbs .. ?

**Shantay You Stay Girl!**

And yet again, we coast down this ridiculously long predictable road…


AGAIN I was praised for my weight loss
AGAIN I lapped up that attention like I was Best in Show at Crufts

AGAIN I was making myself ill
AGAIN I was damaging my mental health by STILL not being happy with my image
AGAIN I had given myself an eating disorder

Also…Lets just brush under the rug that Diet Coke BLEACHES TOILETS
…and actually works BETTER than most household name cleaners..?!

I can’t even come to terms with the fact I actually put my poor body through this once upon a time

But do you not see the link??
I was effectively creating my own ‘gastric-pill-water-balloon-weight-loss-witchcraft’
With regular food as my poison and Diet Coke as my antidote

(but in reality it was the other way round!)

But YET AGAIN, all these positive testimonials will FLOOD the tabloids

‘Weight loss surgery changed my life!’
‘I lost 3 stone in 2 days!’
‘I shat out my 2 KFC bargain buckets in one toilet trip!’

And YET AGAIN we are hypnotised with a pendulum of hope, and we just keep on watching it swing to and fro..
The hand of the media keeps that hope swinging, knowing that you will continue being fixated on the idea, not caring if you damage yourself in the process, not caring if you give yourself an eating disorder

IF it starts to slow down at any point, and you start to lose that glimmer of hope, you can always hand over your hard earned cash to get it going again…

Make sense?? Didn’t think so

You’re PAYING society to give you an eating disorder
Whether it be;
– weight loss surgery
– fad diets
– quick fixes
– fitness empires that actually have NO IDEA what they’re talking about

Fundamentally, they’re all different apples with the exact same core
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, ironically
And this is the core that needs to be uncovered and not protected by the armour of society.

Don’t fall for these revolutionary ideas that ‘claim’ to improve your health
Don’t believe that losing a certain amount of weight will mean you are healthy
Don’t think that you can ‘trick’ your mind and not face the consequences elsewhere

Look after your body from the inside – without swallowing a bloody water balloon.

There are ways to tackle obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle without drastic measures.
We just need to cut the chain of society’s pendulum and let the pendant crash to the floor

And behind it, the path beyond will be revealed and you can walk along with confidence, knowing that you are feeding your body the health that it deserves

After all, its the only body you’re going to have, so treat it that way!

Stay Beautiful!   <3


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