Pursuit of Perfection = The Road to Nowhere ● 2017


We’re all on the hunt for that one thing. That miniscule glimmer of hope telling us that when we reach it, everything will be ok. Life will be complete and all our questions will be answered. You will know when you’ve found it, as there must be some sort of defining moment.
You feel like Harry Potter searching for that damn stone…

Don’t worry’ you tell yourself. ‘Just keep pushing for it, you’ll eventually get there’

And that’s where we believe we will find true happiness.
And that’s when you realise your life is actually more complicated than Potter’s pursuit for the Philosopher’s Stone

But what is it that everyone is either searching for, or has already supposedly found?


Before I continue, lets break it down:

According to Wikipedia; “Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness.

Perfection; excellence, exquisiteness, sublimity, a paragon, the creme de la creme…

You can quadruple-read that definition all day long, but it still won’t answer that defining question…

What IS Perfection?

Is it having;
– the perfect house ?
– the perfect life
– the perfect body?
– the perfect family?
– the perfect skin?
All of the above??

We live in a limitless world. Things are constantly moving forward

(except politics, but thats a whole other can of disgustingly Capitalist Tory-fied worms)

Everything needs to be MORE & it always has to be NOW
In short; ‘The World is Not Enough

If you’re not travelling, or progressing in your career, or climbing the social media ladder, or getting a mortgage, or getting married and having kids, or highlighting the shit out of your face until you resemble a glow-worm..

If I don’t possess all of the above, does that make me a failure??

There is ALWAYS going to be someone out there with
– the better car
– the better family
– the better life
– the better house
– the better social media account

And behind your ambitious eyes, your brain has sub-consciously conjured up that doomed recipe that always looks delicious on paper but tastes like sweet ass;

They are just…Perfect!

And do you know what happens?

Day after day, someone new will post a ‘life achievement’ on their Facebook timeline. Another will have turned round and said they had lost 5 more pounds than you did last week. That stranger on your Instagram feed has just popped up in your hand, showing a slo-mo video of them jumping into a crystal blue ravine, GoPro in hand, with the dickhead caption; ‘Hows Your Monday??

Like please, in a weeks time you’ll be back at your desk recovering from ‘holiday blues’ with your instant coffee and backed up emails.

You’re sucked into this virtual vortex where you end up running like Forrest Gump on a road to nowhere..
Because even when you think you’re that much closer to perfection, there’s always going to be something that takes that dream further away.

Your road to happiness turns into a hamster wheel and you are forever chasing that little treat dangling on a string.

And that’s when the penny drops;

Perfection is NOT REAL. It does not exist, nor will it ever do so.
Because perfection is a completely imaginary illusion of ideas that we all believe we should achieve.

If life was a Looney Tunes cartoon and we could all see each others thought bubbles, I can guarantee each person’s idea of perfection would be completely different to the next.
In a way it’s the beauty of free will, something that we humans take for granted, but then subsequently, completely abuse.
But we all want the perfect world, right?
Why would you want to be anything less than perfect??

Take this recent Instagram post I found

Just read that caption

‘A perfect belly’

Now, I want to put out to the universe that I am NOT speaking ill of the woman in the photo. She obviously has a killer body and must work hard for it. I’m NOT going to sit here and call her ‘skinny‘ to try and make myself feel better – because that is BODY SHAMING! (something we will get on to another time)


That caption is everything that I’ve been reiterating in this post so far.
The ‘Instagrammer who posted this believes that this is ‘perfection’.
This is what I’ve been trying to make myself look like for the best part of 6-7 years – because I believed the same thing!

Have I ever got there? Of course I haven’t!

I’m going to guess the woman in question has a 25/26 inch waist
I waved a solid ‘So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye’ to my 26” waist at age 13..

She has maybe a B cup? Again, I gained a solid C by age 14.
I have no idea how tall she is, but probably shorter than my above average 6 feet.

But what do we ALL forget when looking at other peoples bodies??


‘Wait, what do you mean ‘science?’ Surely I can look exactly like that if I work hard enough??’

Think back to that Biology class at 12 years of age; where you were probably too busy doodling ‘I HEART ?’ on your pencil case and passing coded messages to one another whilst getting semi-high on your scented gel pens.

DNA? GENETICS? Ringing any bells?
Not one single microscopic strand of our genetic make-up is the same. Our bodies work in completely different ways, they are coded and tailored to us.
And that’s even without putting hormones, muscle memory and upbringing into play..

Don’t get me wrong, if I REALLY wanted to get a 25” waist again I probably could. But my entire health and wellbeing would be on the line. Heck, I don’t even think I had that small a waist when I was on ‘that’ Slim Fast diet.

But because she is defined as ‘perfection’ I immediately catch my reflection in my smartphone and think;


So you try and change yourself. You try and become that person. You strive for that idea of perfection.
And you will literally do ANYTHING to get there.
You don’t care if you abuse yourself, tying your bodily and mental health on to a live track, hoping that you can free yourself just before the steaming train hits

But we relish on the fact that maybe, just maybe, some angel will finally appear from the heavens and tell us we are ‘perfect’.

Life in the 21st century is a competition. It’s a bloody game show. You spin the Wheel of Fortune and wait patiently for the arrow to land you the jackpot, BUT the turning never stops. You’re just hit with waves of disappointment and emptiness while the lights and colours hypnotise you further and further in.
Everyone wants to be the best. It’s infectious. It’s a force that takes over your mind and engulfs the one feeling that we SHOULD be using every single day


Think about this for second
The only way you would be able to read this post is through internet, right?
So you probably woke up with a roof over your head this morning
I’m going to second guess you had some sort of clean water and food source?
Maybe you went to work or school today
How about waking up in a community that isn’t under threat?
So what’s the problem??

How are we so unable to sit here and acknowledge how lucky we really are?!

Once you are able to tip all your negativity into the bin, you can remove your blindfold and finally see the world and your meaningful place within it.

Believe me, there IS a way out of all of this, but I’m in serious danger of writing a full-on essay right now.
It’s 2am on a ‘school night’ and everything is pouring out of me like my laptop is my own personal shrink.

So while you wait for the next post (which will have a much lighter feel, I promise) just remember;
– STOP putting so much pressure on yourself
– STOP comparing yourself to others
– BE THANKFUL for your life NOW
– Be true to WHO YOU ARE

If you’ve managed to read this far, bravo to you. Im a serial ‘waffler’ and there’s SO much more to come from this post. So PLEASE subscribe for weekly posts and updates and I really hope this can help you achieve the happiness you deserve!

You are beautiful just the way you are!!






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  1. This post is spot on. I might even call it perfect but, you know, I wouldn’t wish to offend. Keep up the good work!

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