Slim Fast? BIN Fast – P2 – Talks with Sam Prynn of StrongHer

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to Part 2 of my Fad-Diet section of Perfectly Imperfect

If you haven’t read last weeks post about my Slim Fast addiction, do not despair its right here for you:
Slim Fast? BIN Fast – P1

Now, I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not trained in it, nor have I even properly studied it. I have a good idea about what I should and shouldn’t be eating (finally) however I do not want to make any false claims or give out wrong information


That’s where my friend Sam comes in! She is a personal trainer and nutritionist, so you are all about to see me pick her brains about the effect fad diets have on your body and how we can keep our bodies nourished.

**Check out Sam and StrongHer here!**

We go way back to performing arts school days and have been through some similar trauma together, so you can trust our judgement for sure!

Below is the full video of our interview and conversation
PLEASE watch if you need any questions answered on;

– what fad diets really do to your body
– the correct way to nourish your insides
– our own experiences with how we abused our body
– how we conquered the body image stigmas and turned our health around in a positive way


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Stay Beautiful   <3



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  1. Thank you for sharing this with the world, we need more people speaking up about their experiences to make others aware that they are not alone! Well done to you both xx

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