This is ME

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All (just under) 6 foot, dress Size 12 of me
Nicknames include; Amazionian, Blondie, Legs, Giraffe..LOL


When I looked in the mirror, I would pick out everything that was wrong with me. Instead of enjoying my life and being GRATEFUL about waking up every day healthy with a roof over my head and food to eat, I was;
– Measuring myself EVERY DAY
– Weighing myself EVERY DAY
– Pretending I wasn’t hungry and throwing half my food away
– Applying fake tan in strategic places so I looked more ‘defined’
– Doing MORE exercise in the evenings after training for 8 hours already that day
And it just goes on and on

How utterly SELFISH of me

There are humans in the world living in absolute poverty, who cannot fend for themselves and I literally cannot see past the figure in the mirror in front of me

And the worst part of it is, I am nowhere near the only one

Then one thing happened that changed my ENTIRE outlook on myself and self acceptance

On the eve of one of my best friend Shareefa’s emigration to Australia *sob!* we were sitting at Radio Rooftop in London having a lovely bottle of Moet, alongside one of her model friends; Jada Sezer

(BTW if you are not following these incredible women already please do so RIGHT NOW!) *

Shareefa-J   Jada Sezer

These 2 beautiful women are both considered ‘plus-size’ models and are not ‘perfect’ by society’s standards. Yet, somehow they completely exceeded my expectations and exuded this incredible confidence as if they were completely above all that.
Whilst drowning in all the champagne and mini sliders and day-dreaming at her beautifully sculpted bone structure, I almost completely missed Jada speak the very words:
‘I Love My Body’


4 words I don’t think I have EVER heard throughout my entire adult life/professional career

And let me tell you, it was EMPOWERING
Being a dancer all my life I have been around girls/women/men/boys that have had AMAZING figures, but yet still find the time to pick them apart and somehow find things that they want to change!

Not these women. In a single sentence they had torn out the heart of society’s portrayal of perfection, thrown it on the floor and crushed it under the spike of their Louboutin’s

And this is how my journey to self acceptance finally broke through the atmosphere and took to the universe.

And you guys out there are here to fly with me.
Let us empower each other
Let us stick our middle fingers up to society
Let us LOVE ourselves!

Because we are ALL Beautiful!



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