Can You Spot an Eating Disorder?

‘Eating Disorder’

We all have our own interpretations and opinions of the world and the definitions within it.
It’s the beauty of free will. But to give an opinion or have an idea of something you may not be fully educated in, is where the freedom of speech can give a false impact.

When it comes to eating disorders, most think they have it all figured out. But given the opportunity, would YOU be able to spot one – even if it was served to you on a silver saucer?

The mainstream world we live in nowadays makes us completely oblivious to the most obvious surroundings. We are so wrapped up in our own lives, we forget to look past our tunnel of focus, as if blinkers are attached to our temples.

For example, around the release of the DC Movie ‘Batman V Superman’ – Henry Cavill decided to walk amongst the hustle and bustle of Times Square – sporting a Superman t-shirt and wandering below the giant movie poster surrounding several skyscrapers. Nobody noticed him or recognised him – out of EVERYONE in Times Square. While I could never understand how anyone could miss the beautiful specimen that is Henry, it does make me wonder about the grander scheme of things and how this is only a foundation of our faults as 21st Century humans.

P.s. Henry if you’re reading this – I’d never miss you 😉


So let’s take it back to Eating Disorders. Would you be able to determine whether a friend or family member had one? Would you be able to confront them? How would you be absolutely sure and would you be in danger of hurting their feelings if brought up?

Below are 2 scenarios. Which one do you think comes under the umbrella as a definition of an eating disorder?

Scenario 1

Subject A has been scouring the internet for days:
‘Tips for weight loss’
‘Weight loss supplements’
‘How to speed up fat loss’
Thousands upon thousands of results appear, and their clever use of advertising and Google positioning entices them further, making them want to hand over their hard-earned cash like Candy on Halloween.

‘Colon Cleanse Pills’
‘Lose fat 3 x as fast’
’14 stone in a day!’
(sorry couldn’t resist that one. Credits to Peter Kay!)

£24.99 later and a whole load of wasted hours, the sparkling new supplements are ordered from a totally (not) legit, unbranded, overseas eBay seller. Because eBay is the obvious place to go for nutrition needs, right??
Instructions: Take 1 pill a day from the Green Bottle for 2 weeks, then repeat the next 2 weeks with the Purple Bottle
Simple. Subject A feels like they should be Alice in Wonderland with her ‘Eat Me’ cookies, except in reality they are definitely the Mad Hatter.


3 weeks into her Colon Cleanse and it’s getting intense. There’s a certain point in each day where the carnage happens, literally timed down to the minute. Subject A will be going about their day, probably in a class at this point, learning a routine, sitting in the splits or putting on their perfectly pink ballet tights.

Swear to God, these pills KNOW to attack in the most awkward scenarios

Suddenly, the pain hits them. You know when thugs grab an opponent by the throat in the movies? It literally feels like that, but on your large intestine. This ferocious ‘squeeze’ sends everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) shooting South, and you literally have around 23 seconds to hit a toilet before you have the most extraordinarily embarrassing moment of your existence.


I think you get the picture…
These pills were basically laxatives disguised as a ‘Colon Cleanse’ and weight loss supplement.
Not just your standard laxatives – these babies were strong!
Where on earth are the medicine and advertising guidelines in this country??

Subject A continued to take these pills. Why? Because they were seeing results. They wanted to speed up the weight-loss process. Even if that mean losing their water weight, any form of food that passed through the system, and their dignity.

Scenario 2

Subject B had a bit of a problem eating too much in front of their peers. They knew they were the biggest in the room and every time food passed their lips, they felt an overwhelming cloud of judgement hanging gloomily over their head, worrying the heavens would open if they took another bite.

So reducing their daily intake would be the only solution. Subject B ate like a sparrow all day long, making sure nobody saw them eat anything that could be deemed as ‘fattening’. The paranoia was so real, that they thought they could actually hear people’s thoughts;
‘You really shouldn’t be eating that’
‘No wonder you’re the biggest person here’
‘You’ll never lose weight with your current diet’

When it came to the evening, Subject B was so famished, run-down and downright cranky – because they hadn’t nourished themselves during the day. So they drag her miserable fat-ass to their friend’s flat who has the ingenious idea of heading to Sainsbury’s while they’re both starving….

First lesson of food shopping? Never shop hungry!

Well that was it. 20 minutes later, the basket was full of multiple bags of Doritos (and of course dip), chocolate, cake, pizza, you name it.
They got back and devoured the whole lot like scavengers. You’d think they had never eaten before! But these guys are besties, they would never judge each other on their eating habits, they’re just hungry!

20 minutes later, stuffed to the brim like a Christmas Turkey, a wave of guilt hits the friends like a Tsunami, crashing through their brains and washing away the 20 minutes of happiness they felt whilst eating.

Solution? Friend just picked up some tea from Holland & Barrett a few days ago – named Slimatee.
If anyone doesn’t know of this product, it’s another laxative disguised as a tea-bag. Like that BooTea bullsh*t, but stronger.

They double up the dosage, just in case it doesn’t take effect until the morning.
And just like clockwork, the next morning their bowels would empty of all sins from the night before, plus a little extra, ready for a brand spanking new day.

Oh, and this was one of MANY nights of repeating the same scenario

So which one?

The Answer is BOTH
And BOTH of these scenarios were my own personal experiences and habits.

A lot of us see the obvious types of eating disorder – such an Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia. However did you know that Bulimia actually has a number of sub-categories too?
– Vomiting after a meal
– Use of laxatives & diuretics
– Excessive exercise

Did you also know that Binge Eating is it’s own form of Eating Disorder?

Facts and definitions aside, the point of this post is to ensure you guys out there are able to spot Eating Disorders. If you can determine a friend or family member’s eating or supplement habits early enough, you could essentially save them from any potential mental health issues, short or long-term internal complications, or even save their lives one day.

I wish I’d have had someone in my life back then to guide me on my own ‘nutritional’ decisions. The fact all these so-called ‘supplements’ were and still are SO EASY to pick up, makes me insanely worried for the upcoming generations.

But one of the HUGE problems?? Celebrities advertise this rubbish on their Social Media!
The fame-hungry reality stars will do ANYTHING for a quick buck and some ‘Insta Likes’. They get sent a script, a product and a discount code. Then, if they make any sales from said post, they gain the commission.
The amount of posts I’ve seen recently on ‘skinny teas’ and now ‘skinny coffee’?!

What’s next? Skinny Water??….oh, wait…

Are we all really THAT oblivious to it all?? Do you really think Kim K would drink some crappy tea that costs £14.99 for a month’s worth?? Wake up people, seriously!



You can easily research Eating Disorders yourself, Google can give you everything you need to know. HOWEVER the next time you’re looking to lose ‘a stone in a week’ (which is stupid, unrealistic and unhealthy) DO NOT turn to Google. You’ll be transported down a kaleidoscope of pretty transformations and reasonable prices and hypnotised until you SPEND SPEND SPEND!!
These companies don’t CARE if you actually lose weight, or whether its put back on. They don’t care about your emergency loo-rushes or the fact you eat junk outside the supplements. They only care that you BUY



The awareness of Eating Disorders is increasing every single day and we are more aware of it now than ever. Yet, somehow in some industries, they are still partly sheltered and just because it’s not entirely obvious, does not mean that it isn’t there.
i.e. Henry Cavill in a Superman t-shirt in Times Square…

It could be happening to your best friend or your sister. Your partner or your nephew. Understand and share the awareness and don’t let anyone go through it all alone

Stay Beautiful <3

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6 Week Body Project – The Halfway Mark

I have a really bad habit of eating my food before taking a picture of it…

I also had a bit of a stressful time at the end of Week 2 and slipped back into my old ‘quick snack’ habits and avoided the gym completely

I was really focused on my sleep from Week 2 onwards so I was giving my body the TLC it needed by resting it as much as possible for some overdue recovery. (Also injuring my arm at gymnastics didn’t help either)

In not just body, but mind as well

It just goes to show life does get in the way at times, but instead of letting the negative consume you and outweigh the positive, you can regain the control, because ultimately; you are responsible for your own actions.

It sounds worse than I actually mean. You are not to BLAME for the negative happenings or thoughts throughout your day, that for the most part cannot be helped.  But it is your RESPONSIBILITY as a human being to give yourself the best life you possibly can and attempt to turn it around

The Mini-Breakdown of Week 2 swarmed round me like a hive of bees ready to attack. A combination of little sleep, eating processed food, stress from attempting to move house, which lead to family arguments (and so on) added to the multiple stings. Plus a ‘Time of the Month’ flush of hormones didn’t help either..

What did I do? 
I took responsibility. I am responsible for what food I consume – easy enough. I stopped writing until 2am and started planning my days out better so I could get more sleep. The Big Move came to halt anyway, so a huge weight automatically lifted up and off my shoulders. The family thing? Well that’s just normal, right? We’ve made amends.. for now 😉

Amongst all the obvious actions, I’ve taken responsibility for my own happiness and head space. I constantly have my nose buried in a self-motivation book, or I go to a yoga class to bring my over-worked brain back down to Earth again.
Yesterday, I strolled down the South Bank in London by myself, soaking up the Sun and surroundings, eating lunch alone and exploring the Tate Modern.
Art has always been a big part of my life, and I was always skeptical about the Tate. So yesterday I jumped out of my comfort zone and found some very interesting pieces.
Some I still don’t understand, but hey-ho that’s modern art for you

All in all, it was one of the best and happiest days I have had in a while – and the fact that I enjoy my own company that much, probably means I will be single forever..


So as I haven’t updated you with stats and photos for a couple of weeks, here are some of the highlights….. and low-lights


Weekend of the 2nd & 3rd June

I WAS DUE ON; DONT JUDGE ME! I may rip your head off, then burst into tears about it. Being a female is awesome..

BUT Compared with this week so far…

= A healthier & happier Jade 🙂


Bit of a difference…


I can explain….


So there you have it. 3 Weeks of my 6 Week Body Project down! (in a nutshell)

I’m not going to get disheartened about my little slip-up in Week 2. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t mean anything. This is my own personal project to re-gain my health to where it was before I started this and I’m already halfway there. Plus, my main point was to improve how I felt and my general wellbeing.

It shouldn’t matter how many inches I’ve lost on my waist, or how many pounds I’ve dropped in the last week

Because if I WAS measuring all this trivial data, then I’m sure my slip-up would have been A LOT worse last week. I’ve been through all of that in the past, and I am damn sure I never want to be going through that again.

Your body is something you take responsibility for, but we have so much freedom with it nowadays, it’s so EASY to abuse.
The sooner you accept your own body, mind, and find your true happiness, the easier walking down the path of life becomes.


Stay Beautiful!  <3

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When Did We Lose the True Meaning of Dance?

Guys, I have the BEST idea for a new TV Show! I’m telling you, it’s bloody brilliant

So there will be a panel of 3 judges. Bring in one major celebrity who will be the ‘front-man’, a couple of other D-listers who kind of know the industry and stick them behind a table of 3 buzzers.
Going in solo or by groups, each act performs a self-choreographed piece, in attempt to wow the judges AND a live studio audience, eventually going on to win a HUGE CASH PRIZE

Wait, what?! That’s already been done?!

Honestly, I don’t think I can hack any more of these so-called ‘dance’ competition reality shows. But, yet again NBC have recently started airing ‘World of Dance’ and yet again my Facebook feed is bombarded with shared videos of particularly prodigious pieces.

We’ll get back to this later…

Now throughout my life, I have always found a certain level of difficulty in expressing emotions. Only very close friends and family generally know how I’m truly feeling. I have a perfect poker face (one I should probably take to Vegas with me at some point) and have put myself into quite emotional danger at times by pouring everything into a giant green bottle and twisting on the cap.
But when it came to dance, it was my own way of bringing these feelings to life. Ask any dancer; professional or amateur. Dance is an act, every movement should mean something, whether you’re experiencing extreme pain, falling in love, or slut-dropping like it’s hot..

But bring on the dawn of ‘Dance Moms’ and the industry begins a whirlwind of change around us and suddenly a new era of ‘dance’ is born.

**Rewind to some point at the beginning of my dance career**

It’s a typical Tuesday morning…for most
For the dancers, it’s much more than that. Your favourite artist is auditioning for their upcoming live show and the word has spread like wildfire.

Pineapple Dance Studios, Covent Garden
Come ready to dance, bring heels & come LOOKING HOT!
(again WTF is that?! One for another time)
Be prepared to stay all day if recalled.

So you’ve taken a whole day off work, because you KNOW you are a good commercial dancer and maybe, just maybe this time might be ‘The Time’.
So you arrive at 9AM – just to be safe
There’s ALREADY a queue 165 people long. It goes all the way round that corner towards the M&S right by the station. Which is the WORST place to be because you’ve already been starving yourself the last two days in preparation to ‘look hot’ and you end up watching people purchase freshly-baked-golden-brown-flaky croissants and then eat them RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU. Then as you look away you catch Percy Pig’s smug little face looking at you with a smile that says; EAT ME NOW!

**Fast Forward – because even my writing can’t make queueing interesting**

You’re in the room. Probably wearing some sort of crop top and high-waisted-stomach-sucking knicker, boobs pushed up to the chin and a full face of stage make-up that you were attempting to plaster on at 6AM that morning..
A routine is taught in about a minute and a half – ok, that’s an exaggeration. 2 minutes.
You whack out this routine like you’re in RuPaul’s lip-sync-elimination…without the lip sync. (Although you’d be surprised) You’ve just about got all of this down, while staying centred in a pair of platforms and trying to keep your hair-ography out of your eyes

“Now Freestyle!”
Great, yeah, I knew this would be coming. So I continue with a piece of choreography I’ve performed before in a showcase…they’ll never know

“Now Lets See Some Tricks”


Am I going to get a treat at the end of this or something?
Some instantly start flipping their bodies about like pancakes, others folding themselves ass over face and the latter just stand back and just observe (including myself). Probably thinking they’ll make an absolute tit of themselves if they did try anything.
THE MINUTE a dancer descends into a ‘death-drop’, tips into a ‘tilt’, or somersaults and lands in a split you IMMEDIATELY hear a following of finger snaps, screams of ‘YAAAS’, along with shoes practically being thrown at their faces – which apparently is a way of showing you’ve slayed?? I dunno..

So basically, the industry is saying being JUST a dancer isn’t enough anymore and you now have to be a dancer/gymnast/contortionist/circus freak/slayer…
I want to find whoever made this rule and punch them square in the face

**Back in the present**

I watched an episode of Dance Moms once. The glorified and downright gobby Miss Abby Lee was holding auditions for replacements within her prestigious dance company
This is LITERALLY what she said;

‘Lazy slugs need to go. I’m looking for kids with high kicks, over-stretched splits, great flexibility AND they’ve gotta have the look’

I’m sorry, did ANY part of that statement scream out ‘dancer’ to anyone??
I mean of course things like flexibility help, but is that REALLY the main priority??

But besides the point, when I can’t stand in the centre of the room and raise my leg beyond the laws of physics because my hip rotation PHYSICALLY won’t let me; does that make me less talented than the girl next to me??
When I can’t quite bend myself backwards until the sole of my foot is caressing my forehead, does that make me lose the job??
Should I blame my Mum for not sending me to gymnastics and acrobatics AS WELL AS all my dance classes as a kid??
Should I stop being true to my expression of emotion through dance by complying by this new stereotype?

Think about the many moments Adele has dropped a ballad or lyrical song in the last 5 years. You’ll probably be hearing it much more than you want to – because GUARANTEED you will hear that composition being used by a contestant on the ‘X Factor’, then as you change the channel a shadow puppet master will have it as background music on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and just when it’s really embedded in your head; the next channel serves up a young girl with incredibly elastic muscles trying to convince you that doing a backflip is the perfect move to portray the emotion she is feeling within the song..

And OF COURSE the audience is WOWED
This is 2017 for goodness sake. It’s all about the visual. If there hasn’t been at least 2 attempts of gymnastic movements performed within the first 43 seconds of a routine; we’re bored.

If you haven’t started watching ‘Black Mirror’ yet, I seriously urge you to, because the whole charade and jamboree of a ‘talent show’ nowadays just hides the narcissism behind layers of LED lights that could illuminate the darkest corners of this Earth; and it really starts to relate to the twisted ideas of one of the episodes.
It’s not enough now to just dance. 99% of the studio audience probably won’t even understand what dance really is – but its THEM who sit and silently (sometimes) judge you as a contestant, alongside the celebrity panel who are being PAID obscene amounts of money to be there.
And now that’s being spilled over the sides of the bowl of our already over-filled industry.

How is it one be so moved by a famous ballet such as Swan Lake or Romeo & Juliet, when the dancers never speak a word??
Because the choreography corresponds continuously with the story and music like 3 long roads merging into one smooth-sailing empty freeway.

Dance is an ACT, you don’t just carry out the steps. Every single movement has to mean something, have a purpose. You tell the audience a story, you include them on your wondrous journey across the hills of your emotions hand-in-hand.

And this is what brings me back to Facebook fiends sharing these clips of talent shows on their timelines. I’m sorry kids, but I’m really not convinced that wrapping your leg round your neck while clenching the sides of your skull means you’re having a tough mental breakdown.

I’m probably sounding very bitter and begrudging by this point, but I promise you that’s not the point here.
Yes, these performers are extremely talented and my goodness having them skills would have helped massively, but at what moment did the brains of the industry allow the philosophy and meaning of dance take a back seat and suddenly give free-reign to any form of bodily movement?? Kids now are being taught routines that are so focussed on being entertaining enough for public eye, technique is no longer important.
There are a variety of reasons I no longer actively put myself into the dance industry. But for now, I’d rather dance for myself and still be able to love it – than fight to the death at auditions like it’s some sort of Gladiator scene and end up hating myself again.

‘Are you not entertained?!’

“No, honey, I’m not entertained because the girl next to you just folded herself up in a ball…backwards”

To conclude?

Don’t be the needy dog in a world of tricks
Stay tuned with YOUR emotions and stay true to YOUR own expression
Don’t feel pressured to have those over-stretched splits


Yeah, I think I’m done…

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This is ME

#nofilter #unretouched #yesthatsmygarden #notgonnacropmyhoseout

All (just under) 6 foot, dress Size 12 of me
Nicknames include; Amazionian, Blondie, Legs, Giraffe..LOL


When I looked in the mirror, I would pick out everything that was wrong with me. Instead of enjoying my life and being GRATEFUL about waking up every day healthy with a roof over my head and food to eat, I was;
– Measuring myself EVERY DAY
– Weighing myself EVERY DAY
– Pretending I wasn’t hungry and throwing half my food away
– Applying fake tan in strategic places so I looked more ‘defined’
– Doing MORE exercise in the evenings after training for 8 hours already that day
And it just goes on and on

How utterly SELFISH of me

There are humans in the world living in absolute poverty, who cannot fend for themselves and I literally cannot see past the figure in the mirror in front of me

And the worst part of it is, I am nowhere near the only one

Then one thing happened that changed my ENTIRE outlook on myself and self acceptance

On the eve of one of my best friend Shareefa’s emigration to Australia *sob!* we were sitting at Radio Rooftop in London having a lovely bottle of Moet, alongside one of her model friends; Jada Sezer

(BTW if you are not following these incredible women already please do so RIGHT NOW!) *

Shareefa-J   Jada Sezer

These 2 beautiful women are both considered ‘plus-size’ models and are not ‘perfect’ by society’s standards. Yet, somehow they completely exceeded my expectations and exuded this incredible confidence as if they were completely above all that.
Whilst drowning in all the champagne and mini sliders and day-dreaming at her beautifully sculpted bone structure, I almost completely missed Jada speak the very words:
‘I Love My Body’


4 words I don’t think I have EVER heard throughout my entire adult life/professional career

And let me tell you, it was EMPOWERING
Being a dancer all my life I have been around girls/women/men/boys that have had AMAZING figures, but yet still find the time to pick them apart and somehow find things that they want to change!

Not these women. In a single sentence they had torn out the heart of society’s portrayal of perfection, thrown it on the floor and crushed it under the spike of their Louboutin’s

And this is how my journey to self acceptance finally broke through the atmosphere and took to the universe.

And you guys out there are here to fly with me.
Let us empower each other
Let us stick our middle fingers up to society
Let us LOVE ourselves!

Because we are ALL Beautiful!


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How To Live By The 3 H’s

I did promise you a post with a lighter feel, and here it finally is..

Having a quick 10 minute meditation beforehand definitely helped too. It’s great how much your mind can be uplifted and uncluttered with a bit of space and solitude.

If you’ve been following my previous posts, or been listening to me in person babble on about my personal experiences in regards to fad-dieting, the aesthetic world or pursuing perfection; you’ll know that I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs throughout the last few years

I’ve been on top of the world and I have been miserable. I have made friends for life and I have driven people away. I have been stuck in abusive relationships and I have flown free as a bird.

I have looked in the mirror as a size 8 and called myself ‘fat’. I now look in the mirror as a size 12, check out my butt gains and smile back at myself standing tall and proud (literally..)

Now I’m only human after all, let’s face it. Life isn’t always fine and dandy, it’s not all raindrops, smiles, rainbows and butterflies.
The human brain is a wonderful yet weird place, it can open up and show you the most beautiful rendition of yourself and yet the next day a darkness erupts in your sub-conscious and suddenly you seem disappointed and ashamed to even look at yourself

So that’s where my teeny, tiny trick comes in.
Whenever I think it’s a clever idea to go back on a ‘diet’, pop a couple of laxative pills (thats yet another story) or consider a decision that can affect me physically and/or mentally;

I go through my own easy-peasy checklist to decipher my decision and it’s called

The 3 H’s

(there goes the alliteration again..)

1. Health

Looking back at my track record of weight loss, diets and bodily abuse, I NEVER even considered my health 99.9% of the time. I would fill my body with pills, detox teas and questionable liquids like I was some human dustbin. I would never question it either, as if I truly believed that everything I swallowed was some magic medicine, that would transform my body into something beautiful, with all the firework drama of the ‘growing up stage’ on The Sims.

So BEFORE you decide to place that brand new fad/plan/ritual or even nothing at all to your lips, take a brief second to think about how your HEALTH IS AFFECTED

While this pill-sized solution may be a quick-fix and ‘solve all your problems’ in a mere few days, is your aesthetic goal REALLY worth jeopardising your health over??

Most people are out to lose fat, right? The only person I’ve ever heard of that wanted to lose muscle was myself….off my calves in particular.

(But again, thats ANOTHER story. Yes I know I was ridiculous)

The amount of times you must have heard;
‘If you lose weight too quickly, you’ll just put it all back on once you start eating normal again’

People love a good quote, they pass on it like Chinese Whispers if it sounds cool. But does anyone know what that ACTUALLY means??

“The liver is the main organ that metabolises fats. But it has limits. When the body senses a situation resembling starvation, it rapidly sends mobilisation fats to the liver. Most of the time, this is beyond what the liver can handle. If this condition persists, fatty infiltration of the liver (clinically known as fatty liver) can develop. This has serious implications in the body’s ability to digest, convert food to energy, and detoxify.”

So therefore, once you start eating ‘normally’ again after your ‘oh-so-clever’ crash diet that the nice lady on the TV told you to do, your body is now less able to digest and convert fats effectively.

So ask yourself. IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?!
This is alongside side effects like malnutrition, hormone imbalance, fatigue, dehydration, metabolism damage and other possible complications.

PUT DOWN your carb-blockers
POUR AWAY that cup of Skinny Coffee
TEAR UP that plan of the 3-Day Military Diet

Just eat a balanced and nutritious diet. I’m telling you it’s THAT easy
Alongside that, you just need a pinch of patience..

2. Happiness

We are all so generally worried about what we look like, we forget and completely disregard our mental health. We treat ourselves like machinery, cogs on the wheel of the corporate world. Earning, living, sleeping, loving, yet 1 in 4 of us are clinically depressed in the UK alone.

Because we frequently forget to focus on the ONE THING that should be our top priority in life.
And it’s our own happiness!
If you’ve read any of my last posts, in particular The Pursuit of Perfection, I explain that we completely bypass the idea of gratitude and self happiness because we are striving for so much in life that most of the time we never achieve!

So if you’ve got the entire 10 day ‘Master Cleanse’ drawn up infront of you, and you’re thinking;
‘Right, I have everything ready to start tomorrow, I’m GOING to stick to it this time and complete the entire thing…’

Think to yourself;

Is this 10-day torture plan ACTUALLY going to aid my mental health in any way??
Am I going to be waking up to my alarm instantly at the crack of dawn with a huge veneer smile and a sudden bright complexion, whistling a happy tune whilst I down my lemon juice and cayenne pepper then skip down the street to work? Maybe throw a kart wheel in there somewhere because you know, why the hell not?? I’m detoxing, I feel so CLEANSED


Master Cleanse Day 3. You’ve already snoozed your alarm 3 times, the circles under your eyes may as well have been punched in, the taste of lemon makes you curse under your breath, and you trundle out the house to the car, forgetting to let the cat out for the day and falling asleep during your afternoon presentation.


Sure you’ll probably have lost some poundage in the process, but hows your mind getting on?
I’m going to guess not so well. Again all that hormone imbalance from malnutrition etc is going to be playing havoc on your brain function. Try and tune in to your happiness now…

The sooner you accept that ‘looking a certain way’ or pursuing an idea of perfection is NOT the ‘be all and end all’ and you focus on the IMPORTANT things in life – the happiness will easily come. I promise

3. Helping Yourself

Nows the time to be a little bit selfish. It took me a loooooong time to do this. I was in relationships from the age of 17 up until only last year, so was always used to the idea of compromise and taking another person into consideration.
Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s an absolute dream with the right person, but until now I’ve never been able to focus on what I really wanted or how things can benefit me.

So what do I mean by ‘Helping Yourself’?

Be careful with this one. It can be interpreted in the wrong way, then end up working the opposite direction
So I used to think if a potential employer asked me to audition again after I’d lost some weight, I would get the job…
Enter crazy-fad-dieting.

I used to think if I tried to look like the other girls in my cast I would get my contract renewed
Enter….or actually Exit food altogether.

The point is here, please don’t believe changing the way you look will help you. True it may have helped me get more work, but my mental health suffered. You have to take it ALL into consideration.

Think to yourself;
Is this decision going to HELP me achieve OPTIMUM HEALTH??

It’s like planting a new patch of flowers in your garden. You need the right soil, you need the nourishment, the hydration, carbon dioxide and sunlight.

Think of yourself as the little baby shrub (or Baby Groot for the Guardians fans, aw!) The soil is your home environment, the place you feel settled, your own headspace. The nourishment and hydration is pretty clear, then the sunlight and C02 both play as your mindset. Because you can’t see what you’re taking in, but in the bigger picture it is just as effective as the physical stuff.

So let’s re-phrase the above:

I used to think if I tried to look like the other girls in my cast I would get my contract renewed

‘I will work on myself in a steady and healthy way so my health is not harmed, and if I don’t get offered another contract then that is unfortunately not the path for me personally and there is something else for me out there

I’m not going to help myself any further by starving myself, by popping another diet pill I found on Ebay or going back to Sainsbury’s in search of Slim Fast

So thats it. The 3 H’s. So simple and yet so effective when used in the right way.
So I hope whenever you are having a troublesome day, you can turn to this quick and simple method and see the results for yourself
Everyone has their bad days. Bad decisions, bad thoughts, bad actions. Don’t beat yourself up about them, take each day as it comes and love yourself for who you are RIGHT NOW

Stay Beautiful    <3

6 Week Body Project – Week 1

So if anyone has been following my Instagram stories/Snapchats, you will have seen a few little video posts throughout my first week

(mainly whinging about how I’m not getting enough sleep or how I haven’t made my overnight oats)

So I’ve put together a pretty little food collage of each day, along with my Fitbit day/night stats – and below each day I will explain what went on (or wrong) that particular day and how I overcame any problems – but most importantly HOW I FELT


I did A LOT of food prepping the day before so you are going to be seeing A LOT of the paella/chilli/overnight oat food photos throughout this week! (These are recipes that I got from The Body Coach book which is great for meals you can make in bulk & freeze)

EXERCISE – I had a standard gym session in the morning, with my normal routine of HIIT training, some body weight exercises and probably some abs. My steps SUCKED today and was an hour off my sleep target.



Was out working in London today (in the glorious sun, so super lucky really) in the afternoon so ate out for lunch, so kept it semi-healthy with a Chicken Taco Salad

EXERCISE – I had a quick gym session in the morning (I HATE training in the mornings) then after London I had a hot yoga class in the studio I work in so got a decent amount in today (hence my top mark Fitbit stats *smug face*) Sleep target further away today though…



Had a little bit of a slip up today as I only had a few Cream Crackers for lunch…oops.

EXERCISE – I was working at yoga again in the morning so had my usual class, then I taught at my old dance school for 2 hours in the evening – so a lot of exercise today and probably not enough fuel for it.

A great day all in all though, my sleep was closer to target today, but even just having better eating habits has made me feel better throughout the day already. Still need that coffee every morning though! Plus my skin still sucks



May have had a little cheat day today…*innocent face**

The way I see it, I want to be able to enjoy life in a social environment and not feel pressured to eat a certain way. Everything should happen in moderation, and I had a couple of glasses of wine with my lunch. But you know what, it was sunny, I was with one of my best friends and it was glorious!

EXERCISE – That morning I took a StrongHer barbell class in Old St, London. One of my friends who features on one of my previous blog posts runs this company and it was AMAZING. I learnt how to squat properly and work my legs and it was in an all-female environment so was utterly empowering and felt no pressure from other people in the gym. Highly recommend! (Plus my legs hurt for the next 3 days)

I’m so close to my sleep target and it’s really annoying. I need to go to bed earlier. Was still super tired in the morning, but I feel like that’s life now ha!



I almost wanted to hide this one – look at that awful day!

So let me explain – I was doing some filming on the new Tomb Raider movie (yep, super cool) HOWEVER having to get on to set for 4:30am?! Not so cool

Hence the zero sleep and the food choices – they feed you on set so you kind of have no choice in the matter with food – however that tuna steak was delicious!

And no, I didn’t do any other exercise that day – I’m not that crazy!



You think I would have gone to bed earlier on Sunday night, right? Of course not, I just get distracted and losing track of time...stupid

Anyway, back to work so back on track with my food and meals I had prepped and frozen. Not so bad on that front but I did wake up EXHAUSTED today. I lost count the amount of times I yawned at work that day

EXERCISE – Had my yoga class again straight after work. So another full on day but managed to get my exercise in. Hopefully I can actually get some sleep again some point this year...*yawn*



I love looking at my sleep tracker – literally just didn’t move for about 5 hours! Can you tell I’m a bit tired??

Sooooo work were giving out free ‘Wellbeing’ food so naturally I’m gonna take some snacks for the road. No shame

EXERCISE – Weekly Gymnastics yay! Haven’t done this in YEARS so it’s been a shock to the system (and the shoulders) for the last couple of weeks. Super fun though and a great calorie burner! All in all I’m super happy because I made some good progress in class always feels very rewarding! Also the free food helps with the mood lifting!

So that’s been my first week – as you can see it’s not perfect, I don’t have a crazy military plan to stick to. I have everything in moderation and I’m already feeling healthier. My body feels nourished and I can get through the days easier

My biggest thing at the moment is sleep so that will be my goal for this coming week!

See you next time!

A Model of Fitness & ‘Not the Other Way Around’

I hope all you Zoolander fans got that one..

Now I’m not trying to have a little toot on my own trumpet as it were, but..

Im kind of a big deal
(Stop with the movie quotes Jade)

Anyway, I’m pretty fit.

No, not the cockney cat-call ‘she’s well fit’ fit

As in decent fitness, fit

Here’s been my life-long track record of excerise in a nutshell:
– Dance since the age of 3 (and yes I still do it now)
– Competition level swimmer (up to late teens)
– Regular yogi (last 3ish years)
– Gym goer (last 4ish years)
– Charity & Obstacle races (3 years)
– Small things like P.E GCSE etc..
(I think I got everything)

Because I have always exercised from such a young age, and basically have done ever since, over time I have built up quite the fitness level. Alongside this, I have the eagerness for exercise embedded so far into my brain, I’m pretty sure I may have been ‘chipped’ as a kid.
Exercise and fitness to me is my drug, my addiction. Sure my patterns have hit peak and troughs throughout the years, but collectively, executing an hour or so of some sort of exercise calms my cravings faster than you can say ‘crystal meth’.

I’ve never been one to feed my own ego, I never really thought highly of myself, neither have I stood in the gym mirror flexing my muscles until I’m blue in the face, pretending that I don’t want everyone to be looking at me

So, when someone passes me some sort of compliment, I never tend to believe them. This may be down to my own insecurities and critiquing myself for so many years, or maybe being in an industry where rejection and criticising is the norm. But while writing this post I couldn’t help but recap the comments I’ve gotten over the years;

Me, Myself & My Ultimate Gym Buddy, Tony – he has a lot of nicknames for me while I’m dumbbell and deadlifting (not at the same time)
‘‘Jade, you’re a Tank/Beast/Wedge/Machine’’

He’s a nice guy..
..but seriously, he’s actually the nicest guywhich shows a lot about any other men in my life *word vomit*

Some other’s comments;

‘Jade, can you help me train?’
‘Jade, you’re the fittest/healthiest person I know’
‘Jade, I can’t keep up with you’
‘Jade, why aren’t you a fitness model?’

Ding ding ding!!

Fitness Model?!
After being scouted and dumped by modelling agencies as a teen because I selfishly gained some ‘tits ‘n ass’, this little lost light at the back of my mind lit up again and I thought;
‘THIS must be my path’
I LOVE fitness. I LOVE exercise. I LOVE knowing that I can or have inspired people

However, I didn’t know why I thought this time would be any different.

**Aged 22**

To walk into a casting call for one of the UK’s leading sports modelling agents, with my head held high, FINALLY feeling some form of confidence, FINALLY finding my feet again, FINALLY feeling my life had a purpose again…

…it was a difficult moment when the agent practically LAUGHED IN MY FACE as I stepped through the door and into the spotlight.

But WHY?!
I didn’t get it right away

The whole train journey home to Watford, I picked away at every piece of the puzzle, trying to solve the configuration as to what went wrong and what I could have done better..
The voices in my head got to work and repeated the words that were spoken during that casting process;

‘You’re not quite ‘right’ for our agency’
‘We tend to take people more on the ‘athletic’ side’
‘Have you ever tried ‘cutting’ before?’

At this point in my life I was still rather fragile with regards to my body image and being put down for it was still damaging.
So minute by minute, the teeny parasite of self-doubt was gnawing away at me, just enough to start affecting my mental health, but not enough for me to notice right away.

Once I got home, I decided to check out their website again, you know, just to compare see what your competition is (which is always helpful…not)

My fingers scrolled, and I watched the Super HD beautiful photos of these models float up my page to fitness heaven. And then I suddenly (and finally) realised something.

Every. Single. Human on this page is considered a ‘fitness model’. But NONE of their fitness is actually measured.
I walked into that casting call, and they all judged me on how I LOOKED, NOT on my fitness?!

I went to this casting, because I really, really hoped it would be different than the fashion side of the industry. That I would be ACCEPTED, or that I even (heaven forbid) BELONGED somewhere – but IN FACT, it turned out to be just as corrupt!

**Since when is fitness measured on the number of abs showing?**

**Since when is fitness measured on your body fat percentage?**

**Since when do we need models to remind us that the sports bra they are wearing only goes up to a C cup??**

**Since when is there an aesthetic criteria to becoming a ‘fitness model’?**

And the more you look for it, the more you see it.

–> The Channel 4 off-air infomercials with the vibrating ab machine thats being used on people WHO ALREADY HAVE ABS
–>The Victoria Secret models who just got re-used to promote their new sportswear (I don’t know, maybe there are budget cuts) claiming they have all been doing boxing and/or ballet for many years – girl, don’t insult me
–>‘That’ Protein World billboard asking YOU if you are bikini-body-ready next to a girl with a svelte size 8 hourglass figureIM ALWAYS BIKINI-BODY-READY THANKS!

Don’t get me wrong, there has been some progress recently, especially with magazines like Sports Illustrated and Women’s Health. But there’s still that fundamental idea that there is (yet again) a certain CRITERIA for using your body to advertise something to do with fitness.

There are also some brands that use Olympic athletes. I love this and I have a huge amount of respect for them – they are incredible humans.
And if you think about it, they don’t CARE abut how they look
Whether they’re looking ‘lean’
Whether they’ve ‘cut’ enough
Whether they’ve drunk their protein shake and made sure they’ve tagged themselves holding it on Instagram first…
(holding, not drinking it … obviously. That’s how Instagram works)



They turn up, they perform, they get the job DONE!
Michael Phelps lived off a diet of over 12,000 calories a day, it didn’t matter what he was eating or whether he looked ‘lean’ enough. He did what he did to WIN those gold medals

And THIS is what should be shoved in our face more often. The REAL inspiration. Not the ‘fitness models’ who have put themselves on a strict diet plan for 2 weeks because they ‘have to be as lean as possible for the shoot’and ends up taking away the WHOLE IDEA of promoting fitness and health.

Your fitness comes from within. It is fuelled by the fire of burning passion, it is executed by the power you pass to your fibres, it is endured by your energy, and performed mind-over-matter..

Having a 6-pack won’t help you run 12 miles including mud obstacles (thats gonna be me in September *gulp*)

Having a low body fat percentage won’t help you climb any faster or with any less ease

‘Oh, look another brand’s sports bra doesn’t do my size again. But that’s ok, at least the model looks super happy and comfortable in hers…even though I’m unsupported and I NEED IT unless I want to get knocked out by my own assets!’’

‘‘Hey muffin top, I see you over my leggings a lil bit there! But you know what, I’m still going to smash out an incredible workout’’

Huge brands are putting out these photos of ‘fitness models’ in the hope that by ‘society’s standards’ this will change everyone’s mindset; that THIS is now the figure you should be aspiring towards, because it’s healthier than the ‘heroin-chic-barely-there’ models.

But it is ACTUALLY healthier?
By placing a bunch of fitness models over a dozen billboards for different companies who have similar figures, your sub-conscious is telling you one advert at a time that THIS is what you should be looking like, and if you DONT, you’re neither healthy nor fit.

Let’s get REAL guys.

We need to start seeing MORE men & women on covers of magazines and billboards just as they are, without feeling the need to be ‘ripped’. And when brands finally HAVE put someone different on the covers, it always has to be a ‘special edition’, or ‘look we’ve put a size 12 on the cover aren’t we clever! p.s. the inside is no different’.

And this is exactly the problem, we are changing the covers, but not the content. There needs to be an inspiration factor to what these brands are trying to sell. A model’s job is to look so good in clothes/items that they sell whatever they are wearing. But what is the content??

There is no content
**File was unable to download**
That buffering wheel of doom just keeps spinning round…

The whole industry is an aesthetic goal. Especially with the rise of bodybuilding and comps within the last few years. Their workouts, diets and regimes have become more and more popular – alongside the steroids…

Your fitness, your health, your body, its all from the inside. THATS what matters – THAT is what is going to look after you in later life.
Chances are, these people who are ‘cutting’ or ‘leaning out’ or whatever you want to bloody call it, are most likely NOT healthy with their dieting as they will be in a larger calorie deficit, whilst cutting out large amounts of essential food groups.

So next time you look in the mirror and may pick out something you dislike about your image (there will be moments!)
Turn it on its flip side!

‘I may not have a really pert bum, but I ran 5 miles today!’

‘I may not have a 6 pack, but I made sure I used the stairs to work today…my fastest time yet!’

‘Theres a sports bra I really want that doesn’t make my size, but I learnt some new weight lifting techniques today!’

This is all linked to my 6 Week Body Project (see pinned post on my blog) where I’m monitoring my body improvement by the way I FEEL, my sleep patterns and Fitbit stats – WITHOUT weighing myself or measuring.

Read Here!

Stay Beautiful!   <3

6 Week Body Project – WITHOUT #BodyGoals

Oh that thumbnail is so great…

Wait, she’s doing 2 posts a week now?! Jheeeezzz…

ANYWHO today (24th May) marks EXACTLY 6 weeks until I embark on Holiday (yay!)

Exit Festival better be ready for how much of a lightweight I am!

So USUALLY at this sort of time, the subtle, yet destructive thoughts would start going through my head:
“OMG I need to get ‘skinny'”
“But I’m not ‘Bikini Body Ready'”
“Time to dust off the NutriBullet and start surviving off liquid again…”

And I’m sure this has ‘Once Upon A Time’ gone through your heads too!
But not this year my friends…

This year is all about being Body Confident at ANY shape or size!

Because EVERY BODY is Bikini Body Ready!!

Now, as of late I haven’t been so great with looking after myself. I’ve been super, super busy and just grabbing food as I go, not really taking care of my nutrition. I’ve also had a lot of friend/family birthdays/occasions in one go, so lots of eating out and lots of alcohol – a rare occasion for me!! Alongside only getting on average 5 hours of sleep a night!

Not Good

So thus begins my 6 Week Body Project
But heres the difference:


(And if you haven’t read my post on pursuing perfection yet, Click Here!)

INSTEAD I will be monitoring:
– How I FEEL
– My energy levels
– My Mental Health
– My sleep patterns

I WASNT going to do Before & After photos, however the improvement of my skin is going to be a big one for me (if you’ve watched the video above you’ll understand) and also if you guys are going to be following me on this journey, you’ll kind of need something to go by..

So tune in every ‘Hump Day’, where you will see all my FitBit stats for the week, including exercise and sleep, plus food log photos (my god I’m such a millennial) and personal updates on how I’m feeling on the INSIDE 🙂

I hope this can be an inspiration to you all out there & that having a ‘Body Project’ DOESN’T have to be down to aesthetics.

I know I’m confident in my skin right now, I could walk on to a beach right now and be perfectly fine with myself, but I know I’m not at the healthiest I can be

This is the only body you’re going to get, so stop worrying about what’s on the outside, about how many abs are showing or how silver your stretch marks are getting..

Look after yourself on the INSIDE, and everything will happen naturally on the OUTSIDE

Stay Beautiful!    <3






The Sugar Coating of Eating Disorders – (oh, the irony!)


While I already had my next post planned this week, my attention was turned to something completely surprising that I KNEW I had to cover

It was Thursday 18th May, the day I was taking the journey ‘up North’ to Sheffield to surprise my old ship roommate on her birthday (cute, right?)
Myself and two other friends were in the car, cruising up the M11, with Radio 2 blossoming from the speakers. Funnily enough, I was actually typing out some blog ideas, when I heard Mr Jeremy Vine speak the words;

“Would you swallow a pill that inflated in your stomach in order to lose weight?”


“A balloon that can be swallowed and then filled with water while in the stomach can help obese people to lose large amounts of weight without invasive surgery, a new study has shown”

And according to sources, this is ACTUALLY BEING CONSIDERED by the NHS?!

Read More Here…

Are we SO uneducated about nutrition and our own bodies that we have to go to drastic lengths to combat obesity??

Or is the media THAT GOOD at effectively cooking up these so-called ‘revolutionary ideas’ and sugar coating the fact they are forcing an eating disorder on the nation?

Are people that DESPERATE to lose weight that they are willing to indulge on a pill that balloons with water, nestles up a home in their stomach for 4 months until the day it bursts and passes through to the toilet bowl??

This balloon is filled with 550ml of liquid (around a pint) and then left there, while your stomach digests food around it, making you feel full quicker and therefore, miraculously, EAT LESS; YAY!

The world has gone MAD. We are way too proud to combat our gluttony head-on and instead source the quick-fixes in which our world is built upon.

Of Course You Will Lose Weight!!!!

Aside from the fact that us Brits are considered the fat man’ of Europe, weight loss surgery surely cannot be the solution to the problem.
If you take the time to look down the kaleidoscope of this industry, let your eyes settle for a second, look past all the pretty lights that send us down a tunnel of hypnotherapy and STOP just nodding your head and agreeing like the Churchill Dog, you might actually be able to see the REAL PROBLEM

You are placed into an extreme calorie deficit, basically starving yourself….but not…..because you have a water balloon in your stomach…


Right. Google ‘eating disorder’

“any of a range of psychological disorders characterised by abnormal or disturbed eating habits”

Does this not ring any bells??
You are TRICKING your body into thinking its full!
Weight loss surgery is a form of a forced eating disorder!

Its PSYCHOLOGICALwithout your bloody permission!!

The whole idea of this instantly brings back floods of damn awful nostalgia from my own abusive days.

My Slim Fast addiction hadn’t worked out so well, it was coming up to the show of my 2nd year and I was ALSO taking extra classes leading up to taking my exam for becoming a qualified Ballet teacher.
I was also in a lot more numbers this year – so more rehearsals.
I was also given a few costumes which showed off my midriff – so more body pressure

I decided to do the obviously sensible thing – Cut Out Carbs!

I literally want to go back in time and slap some sense into my 20 year old self…

This was my daily intake:
Breakfast: Protein Shake
Lunch: 2 apples and a handful of Monkey Nuts
Dinner: Either a salad I’d pick up from Sainsbury’s or an omelette

Oop, almost forgot something

or Pepsi Max – you know if I was feeling particularly wild..

In order to stop feeling hungry or to inject myself with a quick caffeine hit before class, I would down a bottle of Diet Coke
Why? The mixture of gases and caffeine would instantly ‘fill’ your stomach and trick your mind into thinking you didn’t need to eat. It wouldn’t exactly make you feel full, but my goodness it stopped me from shoving any more calories into my pie hole – god forbid!!
And at a whopping 0 Kcal per bottle, with 0g of sugar, fats, or carbs .. ?

**Shantay You Stay Girl!**

And yet again, we coast down this ridiculously long predictable road…


AGAIN I was praised for my weight loss
AGAIN I lapped up that attention like I was Best in Show at Crufts

AGAIN I was making myself ill
AGAIN I was damaging my mental health by STILL not being happy with my image
AGAIN I had given myself an eating disorder

Also…Lets just brush under the rug that Diet Coke BLEACHES TOILETS
…and actually works BETTER than most household name cleaners..?!

I can’t even come to terms with the fact I actually put my poor body through this once upon a time

But do you not see the link??
I was effectively creating my own ‘gastric-pill-water-balloon-weight-loss-witchcraft’
With regular food as my poison and Diet Coke as my antidote

(but in reality it was the other way round!)

But YET AGAIN, all these positive testimonials will FLOOD the tabloids

‘Weight loss surgery changed my life!’
‘I lost 3 stone in 2 days!’
‘I shat out my 2 KFC bargain buckets in one toilet trip!’

And YET AGAIN we are hypnotised with a pendulum of hope, and we just keep on watching it swing to and fro..
The hand of the media keeps that hope swinging, knowing that you will continue being fixated on the idea, not caring if you damage yourself in the process, not caring if you give yourself an eating disorder

IF it starts to slow down at any point, and you start to lose that glimmer of hope, you can always hand over your hard earned cash to get it going again…

Make sense?? Didn’t think so

You’re PAYING society to give you an eating disorder
Whether it be;
– weight loss surgery
– fad diets
– quick fixes
– fitness empires that actually have NO IDEA what they’re talking about

Fundamentally, they’re all different apples with the exact same core
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, ironically
And this is the core that needs to be uncovered and not protected by the armour of society.

Don’t fall for these revolutionary ideas that ‘claim’ to improve your health
Don’t believe that losing a certain amount of weight will mean you are healthy
Don’t think that you can ‘trick’ your mind and not face the consequences elsewhere

Look after your body from the inside – without swallowing a bloody water balloon.

There are ways to tackle obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle without drastic measures.
We just need to cut the chain of society’s pendulum and let the pendant crash to the floor

And behind it, the path beyond will be revealed and you can walk along with confidence, knowing that you are feeding your body the health that it deserves

After all, its the only body you’re going to have, so treat it that way!

Stay Beautiful!   <3

Putting Perfection Into Perspective

Being an aspiring actor and actively placing myself within one of the toughest industries, I need to keep up that motivation following the constant current of rejection, criticism and struggle.

With the mere minutes a day where I actually have some time to myself, I sit at my kitchen’s breakfast bar, grab a snack, look down at my phone and EVERY SINGLE TIME I hit the YouTube button.

Peter Dinklage addressing Bennington College
ANY speech from Denzel Washington
-Kate Winslet’s ‘fat girl’ BAFTA speech
Jim Carrey’s power of Visualisation

My ears are open to everything. Everything that can possibly help refuel my drive, relight my fire, remind me that EVERYONE had a struggle at some point.

Let’s touch on that Visualisation one for a moment

“Creative Visualisation uses the power of the mind, and it’s power behind every success. By visualising a certain event, situation, or an object, you attract it into our life. It is a process that is similar to daydreaming”

Before he was famous, Jim Carrey basically tells us that he used the idea of visualisation to picture himself living on a certain street in Los Angeles; amongst the current stars.
He wrote HIMSELF a cheque for $10 Million at the beginning of the 90’s and dated it for 1995 – giving himself 5 years to make something of himself
Just before Thanksgiving 1995, he was offered $10 Million for his role in Dumb & Dumber…

Amazing Right?!

But what if we tried Visualisation not for our future, but for our PRESENT?

Mental Health is something that isn’t physical. You can’t just screw it up and throw it in a bin. You can’t wash it down the drain, or delete your thoughts as if they never happened

Continuing from last week’s ‘Pursuit of Perfection’ post, I have put ‘Perfection into Perspective’ (thats a lot of p’s)
I’m going to help you VISUALISE what the Pursuit of Perfection really is, and how it is SO BAD for us and our Mental Health

‘By visualising a certain event, situation, or an object, you attract it into your life’

If you are attracting perfection into your life, you are attracting negativity into your life

Watch Here

Visualise the story

Understand the effect

And best of all

Stay Beautiful!



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